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"They can hold their ground, until we take it from them."


TrashTalk Paintball is an Albany, NY based Scenario Paintball Team. Active in the local and national paintball community. The team consists of 37 registered members comprising of all ages and professions. Members of TrashTalk Paintball have been featured in national Paintball Magazines such as Facefull, Jungle and PB2X. Here you will find their: forums, contact information, schedule, roster, gallery and information about their sponsors.


TrashTalk was at West Point this year and was proud to be on the Blue Team! For the first time in 16 years, the Blue Team won the event. This was an up hill battle that was hard won!

TrashTalk presents UnderWorld! Ocotober 25th at High Energy. Before the blood feud between the vampires and the lycans began the vampires ruled the land and the lycans were their slaves, their daylight guardians. Today it is all going to change..It is up to you to decide. Are you a Vampire? Or are you a Lycan? Are you the elite rulers, the better species? A death dealer who’s only goal in life was to kill as many lycans as possible? Or are you the underdog raging to break free and over throw the vampire tyranny? For more details please visit the High Energy forums.

TrashTalk presents Full Metal Jacket! Three games! Three fields! One Vietnam series event starting in June and ending in August. Two amazing opposing Generals Tackelberry for the Americans vs Lil T for the NVA. Saturday, June 27th at Hornet's Nest. Registration starts at 8:00 am. For more details please visit the TrashTalk forums.

We are always seeking additional sponsors. If you are interested please contact Jackal for more information or visit our Sponsor section.

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